About the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Program
In 1998, L’Oréal and UNESCO joined forces to found the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science program. United by a shared conviction that the world needs science, and that science needs women, the L’Oréal-UNESCO partnership is a unique and ambitious program developed with the goal of promoting women in scientific research. Since the program’s inception, 77 Award Laureates and over 1600 Fellows from 108 countries have been recognized, in addition to the L’Oréal National Fellowship initiatives. Providing unprecedented support to women around the world, the program encourages the promotion of women in science on a global scale.
About the L’Oréal Corporate Foundation
Created in 2007, the L’Oréal Corporate Foundation is committed to the pursuit of a better world. The projects of the Foundation, linked to the values and expertise of the L'Oréal Group, reinforce and guarantee the long-term goals of the group’s commitment to serve the public interest. Accompanied by partners respected in their fields, the Foundation pursues major international initiatives, such as the program For Women in Science as well as many other projects, in a spirit of openness and compassion.
Since its creation in 1945, UNESCO has promoted science – the “S” in its acronym – for peace. Today, UNESCO strives to reinforce international cooperation in the basic sciences among its 193 Member States and promotes ethical norms in science. The Organization is dedicated to eliminating all forms of discrimination and promoting equality between men and women. As well as developing an educational program in science particularly designed for girls, UNESCO has established a network of academic chairs creating links between women in science around the world.
About National Research Foundation
The National Research Foundation is a Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research initiative that will help promote research activity in private and public universities, colleges, centers, institutes and companies, by individuals or teams of researchers in UAE. The NRF has been established to provide research leadership in the country and to provide funding support on a competitive basis to researchers in the country. Research projects that survive international peer review, that contribute social and economic benefits to UAE, and enhance the development process in the country will be supported.


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